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petigo is not only contagious, but is itself the result of local contagion.
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2. Bronchitis. — Give salt in doses of from J^ to 2 ounces,
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by the exhalations from the bodies of the inhabitants. But modern
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dian M. Rec, Calcutta, 1894, vi, 295; 327.— Vakovenko
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months, and the various symptoms being much abated in
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is then concluded. In the first few cases on which I operated
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She occupied the middle floor of a filthy tenement-house in the most
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be kept in the slings; but if quite sure that fractures exist,
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cial Senses; Generation. 8vo. pp. 517. New York: D. Appleton
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myelocytes were originally derived. Much the same process may
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delivery, which took place at her home in the country.
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set up iu the joint; and we cannot always predict tliat
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already present strain on the longitudinal arch. This pad was re-
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existence of free public bathing establishments, their
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assisted by Major MacCormack, I have heard it said that when
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simply a metal cylinder, divided at the top into spaces,
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so, but soon returned, for he did not readily make friends, and
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and alcohol, ten per cent., which gave him uniformly good
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children may at first sight be regarded as suffering from chloroma or
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those of sub-maxillary goitre (a congenital defect described by Virchow), in
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mote, as to the exciting causes of autumnal fever ? Were
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