the disease. The list is an interesting one : Aconite,

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Louisville, Ky. Discussion opened by Dr. M. F. Coomes, Louisville,

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Left Leg. — The bowing is greater than in the right. On the

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split with the saw and brought in apposition with the end of the

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ditions on which the affection is dependent are generally incurable, and

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buffer_2[i + numpoints_3*weight][l] = points_4[i][l]

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ing in of the chest wall, or all of these together. But only when the lung ex-

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diphtheritic process on the mucous membrane of the internal genitals as far aa

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subject to two well-known forms of disease of the ear, namely,

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higher we rise in organic life the v more frequent are the attempts of

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These babies were all injected and then stayed from two to three

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This clear-cut classification, while in some respects convenient and

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massage through the diaphragm. It is advisable not to

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to overcome the depressing effects of cocaine ; also to get its hemostatic

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effects of opium or any of its preparations— Indian hemp, datura, chloroform,

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the left side, along the edge of the bed; and the trocar

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can readily combat the cause, as such symp- ^^ idal, Abrami, and Bnssaud studied the

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weeks of time, absolute rest, even though the child feels all right and

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large cities might discover that manj^ of the denizens are persons of a low

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per gallon of lead, another 2.25, a third 2.25, anda fourth

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logical developments, and it was very difTicult to diagnose Addis<in's

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of course, a heavier one on the lining of his stom-

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charge of mucus tinged with blood. The case went on until the 19th November

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stupid,, confused ; insensible stupefaction ; loss of sensibility

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Table I. — Abstract, showing Diseases, Injuries, 6;c., in Classes,

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prompt and proper treatment which is the precise and particular reply

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Hospital. Her husband called me that afternoon to tell me that the

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ointment is made by mixing emplastrum plumbi and soft paraffin in

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In connection with this subject it may be observed that some patients

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infections, or metastatic lesions where the primary focus is no longer active.

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den rupture of a large ovarian cyst, and the extravasation of its

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RINGER. M.D., Professor of Medicine in University College,

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■™ An Rpts, 1942 and 43, Halloran, Stark, LaGarde,