upon other offending structures in the body in cases of

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The author i)laces the parasite (a microbe) in the class of schizo-

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attendant circumstances — the nature of the malady or of

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Elgedri and Elhasslm and the bitter herbs (shrubs)."

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percent of vaccine recipients who manifested less serious

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sputum and bronchial secretions: a study of 150 consecutive

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facts can be said to point to the following conclusion : A specified dis-

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mary cancers of the bile ducts. Kelynack called attention to another note-

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fact that the longer the fetus stays in utero up to nine months the

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acute contagious fever with a typical pustular eruption.

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from the occurrence of a free secretion. It rarely extends over

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between twenty-one and twenty-eight years of age, and a

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which have been entered at the Massachusetts General

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and although certain observations appear to go against Schaudinn,

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1893.— 12. Maude. Brain, 1894, p. 246.— 13. Mendel. Archiv f. Psych. 1892,

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ald had been drinking, and during the evening Patterson became involved

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Europe, where the metric system has been in use for many years,

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myocardial necrosis, judged to be at least one week

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the learned German. This is all true ; but there is an-

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the last few years that it has been considered such a factor in treatment.

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Bill abolished, and its work taken over by the new Board of

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liable to appear in various other parts ; that they are commonly

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the ribs are dangerous for several reasons : the bones may be splintered and

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practitioner is seemingly justified in exclaiming : " Would these

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leading to the same conclusions, are based upon a larger number of

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pure and sweet. Carefully watching the stools, sleep and

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into folds. As the part of the intestino forming the loop con-

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in tvphus fever.] Voyenno-med. .1.. St. Petersb., 1894,

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reddish, greenish, or blackish in color. The mucosa is congested and

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is covered with peritoneum ; or, lastly, b*y a special lymphatic of the vas.

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