in animals by the use of uranium nitrate. Arch. Int. Med., 1909, iii, 375.
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^0 per cent, of the cases are severe. One final word. In the
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Bay, O. L., Raleigh, X;i. Univ. Coll. of Med., 1899 1899 1904
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often constipation, and some disturbance of the appetite, which
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ditions, by nine or ten per cent. — a circumstance which
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and the Apennine chain (which proceeds from the margin of the Gulf of Genoa
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(a) Extrapleural: (1) Thoracoplasty; (2) Pneumolysis.
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the lessons of experience. Accordingly, in considering this
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arteries are exceedingly numerous, and lie chiefly between the walls of the fibrous par-
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requires perfect rest in a recumbent position for two or three months, the
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the wound under antiseptic precautions will not be prejudicial to the
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below the nipple, while on the left side the glands were
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ing articles on the indications for peritoneal irrigation and
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3. Gaskell, J. F., Mackenzie, Wallis R. L.. Sladen, A. F„ Vaile. P. T.. and
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doin^ laparotomy in acute general septic peritonitis.
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Died — At Wilmington, Del. Dr. Joseph Thomas, aged 33.— In Rockbridge Co.
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comparatively small (luantity of material, and that had heen the exi^erience of
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or even a true diabetes. In this connection also may be mentioned the
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parenchymatous neuritis occurring as sequel to an acute infective disease,
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meat. Recently* M. Berauger-Feraud saw a macaque, fed exclusively on
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trophy of the skeleton muscles." Nobody, he says, considers the
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exhale. It is also of assistance to gradually raise the
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grades from the splendid mahogany locker, escrutoir, and
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I would say very briefly that I had to do with the orig-
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Quite the most usual site of the haemorrhage is the anterior part of
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Coming directly from either of these sources, it is traced without difficulty;
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strychnia, and atropia has been proposed as one to morphia. Calabar
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which involved both auricles and the interauricular septum. From
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limbs never swell, and there are seldom any signs of venous con-
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food seems to have been in excess of the critical amount; conse-
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mosis and was technically flawed, with a high rate of
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distinguished. Add to these his brilliant services as a legis-
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With the purpose of throwing light upon the question of the proteid
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