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„ 54, Figs. 75 and 77 have the titles interchanged.
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prove her faith in it as an excellent cordial, and to
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restricted and modified. For a long time I could not
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gave it the name of diphlogisticated oxygen. Davy was the first to in-
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sense that certain tissue groups or tissue elements are given a characteristic
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with the like symptoms in different subjects : so that those which were
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report to the commanding general, department of Cahfornia,
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it with great success in the most obstinate diseases.
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decide with certainty in any otherwise doubtful case.
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on account of deafness which she had had for many years, that she had had scarlet
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should be strengthened by mild tonics, and by a light,
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regards as the infective agent of distemper. These micro-organisms
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Entomology. — The laboratory has dabbled a little in this subject.
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common ; more rare was a loss of accommodation asso-
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ment of these conditions. Burkhart's gradual with-draAval plan is based
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It is hoped, however, when this patient leaves the hos-
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grasp the knee with both hands, as in Fig. 243. The op-
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these extraordinarily energetic rays did not appear hopeful. The
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tioned by few authors except Gowers, that choked disc may occur in typhoid
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circulation upon the right ventricle, which undergoes some dilatation and
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gangrene of the pelvic cellular tissue ; cure with unilateral blindness.
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characteristic feature, however, is the presence of dark purplish-red spots
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derness extreme, the patient is doing well, and ulti-
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Letters, whether written for publication or private information,
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It is certainly not true, as has been so often stated, that sex-
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percent of vaccine recipients who manifested less serious
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most difficult medical problems, of which many in the present state of our knowl-
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when I got there I found her deeply collapsed — face
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cer is kept in a latent stage, but at any operation in thrombosis is sometimes seen in
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became a Canon of Westminster, and held other Church benefices.
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O'pisthorchis noverca and 0. felineus are the cause of opisthorchiosis,
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Ucence, which they may obtain from any of the Examining
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living a successful and stai)lc part of the Hahnemann
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there was an unusually large caput succedaneum. All authorities