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In the favourable cases vomiting ceased, consciousness returned, the ecchy-

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how they terminated, but the last one (a note of which may not

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sipped every morning on arising. Half an hour before

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disease was first described by Dr. Bostock, giving his own case, " Medico-Chirurgical

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addition of hot bottles ; and by these means the foot and leg

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suppuration, depending on a scrofulous constitution, when the pains are

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March 2-4th. The cartilage suddenly slipped away from its

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streaked with blood, and accompanied with pain, as is shown in

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cable to the case wherein the patient was not bitten by

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better done by sponging, and an assistant to follow immediately and

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against these various theories. Each is far from being

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causes contraction only on closure ; with a medium current the anode

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The truncated portion was allowed to remain in the neck of the

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able time, and the results justified his expectations. The

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Etiology. — Predisposing Influences. — Empyema is mostly a

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cases this was made before the delivery of either foetus. In nine cases

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24</i. Patient improving; partaking of mutton chops and potatoes;

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electrode. In Lowenberg's burner, in order to bring the

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is spreading in Woburn so rapidly that the Board of Health has

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narrowed that it forms a serious obstacle to the blood flow, and a

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artery, may, by obstructing its lumen, cause angina pectoris without any

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Dr. T. B. Harvey, of Indiamipolis (present by invitation),

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the lungs, which usually ends in gangrene of the lungs ; ab-

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of life, inaugurates the beginnings and the building-up of plants

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is still possible. It is evident, however, that Casper has

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can heal although expectoration charged with bacilli is still passing through

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woman, thirty years old, who had had adenoid vegeta-

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fluid notoriously retards, if not prevents, bony union. Then, too,

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view, and to relieve the present distress, I tapped one of the cysts and

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The Treasurer's report, on examination by the proper

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develop therefrom ; but that the mosquito may inoculate the healthy

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The flowers are much used in families, for children,

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inoculation experiments are particularly interesting, and, if verified by

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conclusion that it would be useless at this late day to

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be judged, performed its ordinary function. Jlr. Spencer