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beneficial effects of the naphtha treatment. These cases are six-
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we have the deepest degradation and misery produced by their
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failed to alter her clinical course. During the second visit, the
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Among hysterical women there are many delightful odors, violet and pine-
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already produced the most admirable and desirable results. Twice have the Senate
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ship, others too belong, including widows of deceased physicians and persons close to the medical commu-
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face with the antiseptic swab to scatter the medicine and
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anatomical site of tlu' ring of contraction, whether it was at the os intern\iin
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of vision, is a matter of every-day experience ; there are, how-
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demonstrate the eflfect of suppressing normal rays of light by the
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"This is why I left the fold and took to the road as a medical
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nourishment. The larger arteries are comparatively free from
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organ or tissue our original disturbance made its appear-
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stethoscope next to the ear be closely and comfortably fitted to
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qui ardente febre correptus, ob summum calorem et gutturis
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science before the public, the medical profession has
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the persistent presence of undigested material in the faeces indicate
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^.g., of the plessigraph, make it appear how careful the
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which are to be inoculated should not come into direct contact with the
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1st, the abortion of an initial phlegmasia, and the encouragement to dis-
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sailor had fallen from the yard arm of a ship at sea.
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complete destruction of the tougher mombranoH as well as all
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oil, and olive-oil. As to flaxseed, he tells us that the
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teresting programme ; and the Chairman of the Commit-
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has proved most efficacious in removing the desire lor drink. — Boston Mid
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irritation from the eyes ; others, to reflex irritation from
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teaching — a matter on which the administration cared but
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Because of the parallelism between the tanning and the blood
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follows: 581 (9 per cent) lymphocytes and 4.810 (74.6 per cent) polymorphonuclear
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The Thomas Clagett to whom the estate was willed was the
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the left arytenoid cartilage were enormously swollen, oedematous, and of a dusky
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X-Ray Therapy — Dr. E. B. Quillen, Rocky Mount. Discussion opened by Dr.
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Sth, Disorders of parts ivJiich have a contmiiky of surface nvith tJiS
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