tissue, especially as regards pathological products, may be so abundant as

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strain off the water, mash them to a pulp, and add a little lard,

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The pulp is, therefore, that part of the glandular apparatus where

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the most common source of infection in renal tuberculosis, while many

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The treatment here described exposes the surface not only to the

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Last year there were 1,003 deaths from this disease in

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and lymphangitis (apart from any puncture) often cause death in patients

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Oct. 2] <Ibidem (2075), v. 2, Oct. 6, pp. 1054-1055, 1 chart.' [\V% W°^.]

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getting rid of these organisms or of their products —

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. Tongue feels swelled and raw, with spasmodic twitchings.

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I have said that if the cerebellum has any function,

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thallin appears to have no specific or decided effect

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A Manual of the Practice of Medicine. By George Roe Lockwood,

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levist. with small doses of the powder of digitalis and calo-

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food, particularly cleanliness of receptacles for milk, cleanliness

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of the mother during the passage of the child's head through the outlet, and yet

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Dr John Brown, Stockbridge House, Padiham, Lajicashire,

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