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Practitioners and Students. By Dr. Johannes Steiner, Professor of

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different. Among the Scotch, for instance, he thought

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The author i)laces the parasite (a microbe) in the class of schizo-

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pathological lesion in faulty functioning of the brain.

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tendency to occur only with a first enema might be explained,

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influenza becomes the battlefield of various cocci, of which first one, and

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and no great harm is done. We seldom have to do more than

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iui; lead-plaster, glycerine is produced, but, as it contains lead, it has

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hypothetical gas would find no difficulty in diffusing itself through the upper

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too large doses and too long without producing any favorable result

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in making over a person from a useless invalid to a

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that gentleman remarked "that the prosecuting attorney of a

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that the sufferer himself is at times sensible of. The following

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One of my cases, the male, had obvious ureteral pressure.

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testinal canal from any cause. The itching Irom intes-

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the congestion was slight, I feel positive that she would now be well.

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is all the difference between the potter and the porcelain.

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sonnel. Contact Dept, 52 in care of the Journal. m4tfn

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ment the ulcerating surface looked clean, the granula-

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and the State Medical Society and WPS, those elements

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Filtered Water above Standard.— Chief Hill, of the