ance of the patient is greater on the following day.
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lated patches, and it may then bear some resemblance to measles. The
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Do you want an associate? Generalist or specialist? Then call ALpine 6-3101 or write Box 1109,
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the state of the bowels, care being taken that they move regularly, fully,
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suffice wholly to prevent them. The effect of the eosin on the local
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had suffered pain at this point during more than a year, and
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at the Farm-life School, he suggested to the hospitals that they should
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system, because of the technical difficulties in treatment the prog-
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catarrhal inflammation of the mucous lining of the respiratory
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from the severe measles as mild scarlet fever differs
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situations of daily clinical practice or attend a session
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value, those from other sources did not seem to him to
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mysterious than the mechanism of the primary cause which gives rise to
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a year, then suffering began on the left side, and in Feb-
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terials he has to deal with, or, in other words, the
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He did not know what was the cause of the trouble, nor,
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was easily grasped, was broken four or five times. As soon as the
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in this case I believe to be due to the method of compression
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the superior council^ the director-general being president; they
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On the upper pupillary margin, close to an adhesion
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planatory Atlas of Plates. By A. S. Norton. London :
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cord running in a pulley fixed to the ceiling and to attach the upper end of
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age, weight, and nutritive needs, the figures obtained will only be of
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toes which contain a large quantity of starch must be
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the freezing-point. It will be seen from what has been said
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We have therefore for many years past preferred the cupping,
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duction and consumption of butter outside this province is not possible
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molecular shocks diminishes rapidly and in consequence a
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derived from true renal tubules. Ttiese growths are fre-
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** I have osed yonr Cerebro-Bplnant, Frellgh's Tonlo, since Its flrst Introdaotion, all of ten years. When I presoribe It tiierB la nothing more to trouble
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each part. Discoveries came slowly along these lines be-
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surface of the earth, every one of whom consumes daily two
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3Iic7^os., p. 288), I think Dr. Woodward undervalues in the first place
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the larger nostril. He operates, with cocain-anesthesia, for
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The public was far better protected against nostrums and
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about ten days the percentage of sugar again rose, and in the
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