In one case of bronchiectasis which had been referred to him, the foreign body
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    large and white, without a defect ; pulse quickened by excitement
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    coal-miner, aged about thirty-five years. His wife gave
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    Table 2 — Demographics of 18 children passengers who were killed
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    There are several other formulae of cancer plasters
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    9. Cases of chronic lung disease (not tuberculous). As
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    some intercourse with another individual who is uncleanly in
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    were \^\ and 12 in. There was much atrophy of the choroid in both eyes.
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    will actually be filing two briefs, one for Napoletano the
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    the capillaries are properly renewed, the arrest, either of access of blood,
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    him to reside with his parents on the farm, through which
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    i, 947-950. Also [Abstr.] : Compt. rend. Acad. d. sc.. Par.,
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    In a case tried at the Cornwall Lent Assizes, 1852 {Reg. v. Pascoe), the
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    more or less permanently altered. We can in this way not merely take
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    chievous? May we not, in checking it, be interfering with
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    the object is, in a sense, often gained, is quite certain ; but it very
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    the box. Here the palette knives are bestowed of which we
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    " In a patient who had received a blow in the eye from the
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    present could be set aside, and that my original suspicion as to
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    the other thirty, occurs also on the trunk and genitals. The only proof
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    succeed in preventing anchylosis after the operation.
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    inequality in the power of accommodation of the two eyes, and should be
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    weakness, malaise, headache, and sometimes nausea and
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    •drop an expression showing that this is not true. There is a difficulty in
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    from any stomach trouble till then. While at his work,
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    general of the rank of major-general, he being assisted by a council
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    times vomiting, and excited by certain reflex disturbances. By the
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    the transfusion his appetite was much improved and arsenic was better
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    prised to notice at once a marked change in the pa-
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    length. He was fed a mixture of milk and water, equal parts, with
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    ment of inoperable carcinoma of the uterus. Sometimes the form of
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    to wrinkle the forehead, to raise the eyebrows, or to frown, is especially
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    mic departments are to be added. We recently mentioned
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    and the liver is pale ; but when death commences in the lungs or brain,
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    Internal Medicine Conference, second and fourth Wednesday, 12:00 noon, Jefferson Regional Medical Center