Grimshaw urges that examination of children's eyesight must
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and BHperficial; but it might well have been serious; and we
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aomeliincs |>ermauent ; uedema rarely follows. ^|
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year and even later, then the lowering by means of a subtemporal
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We should remember, however, that the underlying cause was
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ducts are often greatly distended, and the dilatation may extend into the he-
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too small. These difficulties, however, Dr. Pollock
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in a New Medical Act." Beginning by affirming that " it is
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Recent Deaths. — Dr. Stephen Wickes died on June 8th, at
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coal. All this carbon is derived from the atmosphere. Animals throw
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my health was completely shattered. At this point I
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tumors. To this group belong the dulness noted in the right iliac fossa
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as it there exists (Levy*'^), fully supporting the hypothesis that the salts
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153-155. — Colter. Melanosarcoraadelsolcosclerocorneale.
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25. — ^All this day the catalepsis never at any one time continued more
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he suffered from frequent micturition and a slight de-
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given in the first communication. I have tabulated the specimens of arrested
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this drawback is fully compensated for by an awakening of interest on
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■ In consequence of the continuance of the tremor and nervous
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He had been requested, he stated, to discuss the treat-
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Possessing a body like other men, 1 was led to inquire in^o the nature
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were resorted to, as the prostrate and sinking tendency seemed to
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two principal branches in this case have behaved in such a way that
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foretold the instant transfer of the Faculty of Aix to Marseilles so as
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triumph of the Scottish kingdom under the house of Stuart, so,
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often employed, and with not unfavorable results. Great
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The walls of the uterus too are symmetrically thickened. Of greater
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oaae even ia lyiiUlitte enntliemata. I knew a merohant in Magde-
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mits of visualization of the soft tissue structures. Ad-
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over it. Kg. 165 shows the finished dressing , after the strips have
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and styles side-by-side from under $3,000 to over $16,000
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which it is still moveable. It was this motion which produced the
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The new serial also deals with New York Society, and is called
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Prognosis. — Usually unfavorable. A permanent cure is