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wondered at that its manifestations in the rabbit should
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form, forms a very convenient vehicle for many drugs.
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and asthenic types of chorea are present simultaneously. Thus
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and continued until the opening of the Regular Course, as fol-
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it is vibrating, very irregular, very intermittent,
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monia is rare as a complication, bronchopneumonia somewhat more
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diabetes, pycemia, tuberculosis, carcinoma, c. Constitutional dis-
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was not anticipated or interrupted by any riotous dem-
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or three months of their arrival in a blackwater fever
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of countenance, and was in all respects so much better, that we
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The author has collected six observations in which pus has been
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time of diagnosis, gender, histologic type, upper extremity
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the cold wet pack ; that temperature of 103° can be controlled with an
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give a fair return in valuable hints, even if you only
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often has the effect of inhibiting the related motor centre, so that the arm
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p. 380. — 7. Davidson. Lancet, 10th March 1877. — 8. Durante. Transactions
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The effect of overexertion is often a lowering of the oral temperature
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conditions to the diagnostician were it not for the his-
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erably in frequency. In severe cases, the patient soon
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hand with the pains, and is probably due to the same cause —
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of the eyelids more conspicuous in some cases of discrete smallpox than in
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way for a long series of papers by Brunton and others, and
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The Medical Inspection of School Children. By W. Leslie Mackenzie,
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muco-purulent. Bowels constipated, micturition frequent.
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took nourishment freely, which she was unable to do at all
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become so extreme that the vessels and other structures are con-
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emetic, or a purge, or a cautery, or the knife — these
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S. Adams, Washington, D. C, secretary; Dr. J. Park West,
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pecially in the years since the enactment of the one-mill
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point I have been obliged to look for a modern definition of inflamma-
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the source of the pus might be in the frontal sinus. Amongst these were noted