masses, but the connective tissue surrounding it contains a nodular tumor which is ad-
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false diphtheria. The results from these hospitals are
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in the vaccination of animals and of the human sub-
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generally salpingitis or pelvic peritonitis, — as also of ovaritis
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lent opinion among surgeons, of late years, that these abscesses arc
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can be obtained on application to W. K. Muir, Chair-
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separation of the slough and establishes subsequent
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ger's magnificent candor gave us some years ago, of 26
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summer nights open every window in the house and every door connecting
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* On an hot day in summer, the thermometer will be at
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plications of la grippe have been many aud varied, in-
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ie that the language shall be clear, and the sentences short.
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periniEum and anal region, resembled an ulcerated surface covered
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examination difficult. Pain is generally present, though it is
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by lier jdiysician. It was true that many patients escaped with-
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24. The prostate is usually natural. The same remark applies to the
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to the function of ovulation ; but also, vice verm^ let irri-
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particularly tiie muscles, are not united as solidly as when
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the sordid wretches who wring their bread from the cold grasp
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round, oval, or rod-like and jointed, varying in length from
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the removal of these groAvths, Dr. M'Clintock pi'cfers torsion for
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Status praesens, October 12, 1898. The patient is cachec-
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remove all small articles that need disinfection. The blankets should
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danger to the patient, as it indicated that the excre-
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Social Insurance, will be issued on Tuesday. Dec. 19,
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the temporal arteries. The pupils were dilated. Arte-
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in the Japanese language a bi-monthly illustrated medical journal, which
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over the caecum. The appendix was embedded by very dense and firm
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attended with no serious complications, such as suppurative