quently. The resulting pneumonia may be due to the secondary organ-
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equally the volume of the heart, but acts chiefly on the
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Society man, Paschal, took upon himself to explain it
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organs. So that this method when combined with ureteral
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time, then, in acute cases influenced by rapid disease
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instance, with sodium bicarbonate will therefore pre-
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intensity and aggravation ; add to these the special characters of alcoholic de-
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lar fibrillation is notably uncommon in the high-pressure heart.
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toms of cyanosis ; otherwise there were no evidences
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pain on pressure, temperature, and fcjetor. When the finger,
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night. The author has encountered several cases of this kind. The
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grace — the quacks. To these Hippocrates fittingly alludes: "Medicine
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Soerensen, that the cocci form the advance guard of the
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pulse, so that without a simultaneous graphic record we might be led to suppose
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" Physiology for the Use of Elementaiy Schools " was published
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sodium of 144 mmol per liter, a potassium of 5. 1 mmol per
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for March 1st, M. David proposes the term Fauchard's disease
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of the designated officer or committee of his county
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for the insane, which commends it to the careful atten-
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ciions of matters that are expected to come up at particular meet-
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a doubt of their efficacy and value in many cases of this description ;
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and this detail, which is not generally insisted on, I re-
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hookworm infection, in which scarcely a worm was to be found in searching the
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movable up and down by the mechanism d, and can be put
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hereby granted. Par. 3, S. O. 276, Division of the Atlantic,
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paper sterilized by dry heat and immersion in a 1 to
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face, cold skin, and failing pulse ; and I have seen them saved, as it
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brain and cord are among the results of chorea, or of the
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described in the second volume. In many cases there are rales, of varying
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which shoiY a decrease of marriage in France, and a very much larger percent-
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num, and partly by the pancreas ; internally by the
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the abdominal pain, tenderness, rigidity, vomiting, fever, leucocytosis
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case of a lad, eighteen years old, who presented a sar-
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ment by an inexpert person blowing forcibly through