important, is the alteration in the percentage of hsemoglobin. In
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have, in our experience, mostly possessed malignant characters,
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of the changes peculiar to the exudative, hemorrhagic, or true fatty
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benefiting only one class.'" The author. Dr. G. E. Wire,
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an ointment of yellow oxide of mercury in vaseline, two grains
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Shoulder-joint, amputation' at (primary), one case which recovered.
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If you wish hotel accommodations at the Waverly, please
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body divides into numerous masses of unequal size, hyaline and of
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conditions. The head is above the brim. We planned for her
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summer she went abroad. While in London she consulted Sir
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they are of great importance in the diagnosis of neuralgia. He further
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The economic importance of PeniciUium camemberti depends upon
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It is a fact well known but deserving to be emphasized
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him when he was full grown. I imagine even the tiniest calf
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pentine internally, especially in delicate subjects or in
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Plans have been prepared for a six-story fire-proof building
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rabbits, the injection of 60 grains of urea, dissolved in 120 grains of
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will here, as anywhere else in the body, be the initial stage. If this
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elephant leg, hypersarcosis, glandular disease, and Phlegma-
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in gastric digestion ; the experiments being similar to those
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membrane lining the intestines, and is a disease rarely
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and that the tumor was the source of these cells is highly probable, al-
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followed by a very marked decrease in typhoid fever
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great possibilities for good in these precautionary
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16 Recurrent Vomiting of Nenroua Origin. Louis Fischer.
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method holds promise of success?. The father of medicine, five
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family practice Fowler's solution may be given by the
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maintain a reduction of pressure in the pulmonary area by
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was performed, and the woman has gained forty-five pounds.
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lein output, and variation in its elimination may also
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Dr. Bonney, of Denver, in his Pulmonary Tuberculosis and
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or had already set in, does not occur or ceases ; and here, too, we often
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also permits the use of air injection to open kinks in
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(absence of iris) was either (1) congenital, (2) the result of injury, or
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" Cholochrome is precipitated ; a part only remains