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say no more, because I feel that the motion has been hitherto
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J. Lockbart Clarke, Schfooder Van der Kolk, and others. Theory of Reflex action, as expounded by Schroeder Van
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aftected part, which, if scratched, may become eczematous, and
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course without revealing any symptoms referable to the cerebrum until
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the spine and into the extremities and are followed by motor sjinptoms
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by Dr. James R. Chadwick, of Boston, entitled " Pus in Ovarian
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According to Fournier, one-third are cured, one-sixth die, and one-half
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tion affords important aid. Eor definitely recording the amount
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trophic, or vasomotor symptoms, or altered electrical reactions. In
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the same purpose. Local abstractions of blood should be limited to
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for this is, that those men who have been shot in the abdomen, have commonly
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ried in a retrograde course into the stomach, and thence out of
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demics. On the contrary, from America * come reports of epidemics
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by pressing out the peculiar exudation, which closely resembles slough, but
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pellet the size of a mustard seed, moistened with the decillionth dilution
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diet, cereals, Vichy water, calomel, acetate of potash, digitalis
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In this volume the publishers have collected all the papers
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such of these articles as I have read, their authors' opinions seem to be
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shooting and darting in character, now here and now there.
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nal layers on calculi, whether these be composed of oxalate of lime,
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studies of variation are at preseiit being conducted on the lower or-
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deal of nonsense has been talked upon this subject.
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the mononuclear leucocytes as usual. Mesnil has observed in some cases
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duce headache, which is mostly confined to the region over the eyes and
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of the human ovum, and then passes to general anatomy,
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regular army is recruited from a class that has very
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Art. XCIII. — Typhus, Ship or Jail Fever : its nature ; the condition of
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from various sources, Dr. Samuel W. Gross has framed the following conclu-
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that his pupil pays him and must be taught, or he will re-
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lessness so persistent, that my proposal to empty the uterus is resolved
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firmaries without danger to the health of other pa-
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* Ewald: Kiinik der Verdauungskrankheiten, ii., p. 436.