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aperients. If the bowels move naturally every day all that is advisable is

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Visitors to the Cathedral, just before they emerge from the

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suicide) or of the high degree of internal disorgani-

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tient had headache, loss of appetite, coated tongue, but pulse

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rendered to three local hospitals. He recommended a

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Description. — Hemoglobinuria is a false hgeniaturia. The urine in

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vital powers, precisely as in other fevers. If the disease eventuate in in-

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arm of the lever, the perineal tissues acting as a fulcrum. As

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The phenomenon was very marked in 3 cases, moderately so in

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expansions (vestibular branch of the eighth pair) or at its cerebellar origin.

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On account of the offensive odor of the discharge solutions of permanganate of

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ptoms are also necessarily attended with the loss of sensation, all remedies will be

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Aid from Private Foundations for University Students

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neurons of the cerebral cortex. Dr. Charlewood Turner, in five cases,

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A rubber washer fits into a groove round the neck of the jar or bottle,

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In 26 it appeared first in the pharynx ; in some it was

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ent States to act in good faith with each other. An illustration

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festival. But there is an ominous rumor abroad that

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or even venous pulse (liver pulse, splenic pulse) may be present. Pulsation

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abdomen, covering the region bounded above by a line' straight to

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issue of the Journal of the American Medical Associa-

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that during the coming session the measure may become

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the appetite was soon restored. The counter-irritation was

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suddenly without any prodromes ; in some cases the paralysis appears

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identified with one of the already recognized forms, and

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Woo. MPH. Straub Foundation, 846 S Hotel St. #302. Honolulu. HI

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false diphtheria. The results from these hospitals are

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render it at least doubtful, whether a State is justified in forcing

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tions — Gout — Renal Diseases and Renal Surgery