tion and other effects mediated by B-adrenergic receptors, its effect on blood

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plain of chillness or his pulse be feeble, he should be immediately removed

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and blanket, so that those coverings adhere to his body closely.

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and enlargement due to multiplication of the anatomical elements of the

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mania (from aidalov, pudendum) is more appropriate ; it signifies furor genitalis!

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immediately pushed my finger along beside the canula and, without effort,

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on his previous visit, the physician cannot deny that this is so.

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and that the vesical mucous membrane becomes sensitive only when diseased. (See

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names to be concealed from the committee ; and the name of the suc-

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(following a pneumonia) with i)rogressive emaciation ; a mod-

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a commendable zeal on the part of the authorities to

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food. Many investigators agree in the conclusion that bacilli, intro-

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communicate to the city authorities directly their names and

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as they survived under the other conditions. This period is behind

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heart produces on gentle percussion a dull note where it

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Gazette is essentially a Medical joarnal rather than a newspaper "

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a hemangioma, although the pathologist does not indi-

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doubt that, if the second abscess had been discovered and

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incision 3 inches long was then made in the right lumbar

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in the presence of chlorides. — British Medical Jour7ial.

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Physical Development. Jat Sikhs as a class are late of develop-

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through any one of various organs may excite an asth-

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forms an important element in many, if not most, cases of pyaemia, the

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stains (^^stases") at its fundus. The intestines were normal. The

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with the patient's comfort and safety. The happiest re-

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derived from the consciousness of bounding physical health

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the twenty-fourth day the patient was fairly convalescent, just

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