plethora, obesity, scrofula, constipation, and. maladies of the heart,
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ocular, motor, and optic nerves. Dr. Flexner recalled a case
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in the left side, the heart, which was dislocated by the lateral pressure of
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cases are most common in which not only many days, but literally
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able, even as easily curable. In a great many instances detection is
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spleen, and kidneys, and doubtless are always present in the arteries, which
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negative. Xinth day, Widal negative, leukoc>-tes, 20,800, eruption fading.
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while it is sometimes limited to the absolute deposit
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She continually jjut her hand to the side of her head,
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fabricated by these two methods. However, the different
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were internal, including four impassable ; the remaining
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This was a report of several cases by Dr. William P.
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Dose. — Foals and calves, 3 i--ii- (4.-8.) ; D., gr.v=- 3 i-
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enemata were administered, at first at intervals of four
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is somewhat more active, the effects being otherwise almost
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ive vims may be rapidly prepared in large quantity. It
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practice of immunizing vaccination against enteric fever among the armies
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soon as possible after removal, the specimen should be placed in either a
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plications are naturally the same as those of antipyrin, but the
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fore, it has been suggested that the ratio of the ASCUS
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the symphyses unless there are pathological changes in the latter.
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satisfactory progress, and may now (twelfth day) be con-
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sacs is a marked characteristic of this form of inflammation. The tumor may
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have been discovered and supplied, not by the Govern-
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that they had lost their feeling and were remarkably cold. He also
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sibly with Type III. The para type agglutinations ranged from
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in intensity and duration ; they are capable of surviving
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patients in the costume of the original marble Apollo.
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tion affords important aid. Eor definitely recording the amount
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experiment has failed; but the principle, gentlemen,
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we feel it a duty to assert that the facts do not seem
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From the first the expression is dull, heavy, and oppressed. The eyes
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and fragments, there is no danger of fallopian colic or
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Dr. Lyle had said he might cite the case of a child