passed into suppuration, and the formation of abscesses ; the

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taining 100 per cent. Then the percentages of fat emboli in the sev-

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up the canal. The woman left the Hospital wearing a trass*

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Treatmemt. — The local treatment of impetigo differs but little from

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tion outwards to the walls of the cavity, producing the most

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therefore made the diagnosis with some hesitation. There were certain features

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was, however, balanced by the greater number of western men

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The descriptions hitherto given apply particularly to

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grayish clot and a small amount of liquid blood. The tricuspid orifice

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to add to these precautionary measures the determina-

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part of my effort has been devoted to considering the

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ingenious sons of Asclepius to find more names for disease,

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Ching"). Of these forty volumes, seven are devoted to

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intestine was found l)ruised and covered Avith lymph. The sac contained a

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breathing; a toothed line, rough vesicular breathing. A small cross-

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method of execution, a case came on in a Dublin prison,

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right side, and see the two fistulous openings in the

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sprung a number of similiar works in Europe, and America.

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presence. And in order to place him in this desirable

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ciples of treatment involved. Microscopical preparations and lantern slides will be used

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there is a predisposing conjunctivitis. The pharynx and

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Summary of Additions, Deletions L Revisions (1985 - 1989)

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sediment ; on the 11th, which was the fifth day of the initial stage, 25.0 per

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The Bark of Mancona. — M. Claude Bernard lias communi-

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Incases presenting all the symptoms — or a suffi-

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recorded, in which infection had occurred through the throat or

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injects it "beneath the skin. Its introduction is followed by the

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N. Senn, M. I),, I'ii. I)., of Milwaukee, Wis. [Rt'jjrinted from the

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in the recumbent (broken line) and erect (continuous line) postures. (Note. The

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mainly relied on, but as I do not believe the secretions

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enough to see him in one. The pulse characteristics may be very

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uteri. The quantity of the ointment introduced is mea-

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of the two celebrated methods of performing colotomy,

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