at which time, after wading in a spring branch for several hours,
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tiger shooting, as the cleanly punctured wounds, although in
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ands for some years, the os had already been interferred with either by slough-
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beginning of parotitis, etc., is very probable, and this
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all cases avoidance of exertion after meals, may be beneficial, but limit-
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of a manageress and her assistant, who live on the premises^
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to the pint), etc. ; cold compresses in severe cases, nour-
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mals, this bulbus arteriosus, between the third and fifth days in the chick,
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II. Entero-colitis, or Chronic Diarrhoea. With some Practical Observa-
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large cities might discover that manj^ of the denizens are persons of a low
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ghmds in these cases, the administration, in some form, of the particular
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slightly marked, and we know, besides, that a muscle can not be
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They are frequently ectoparasites and the young of some
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false step. Few are left now, I apprehend, of the school
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and best employed after Hanson's method: 2 gm. methylene-blue are dissolved
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Dk. 1m. i:\nkk : What would you do with a patient brought
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any operation rather than endure her eternal pain. By
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dwellings, hopes to be able to give sjeneral satisfaction,
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Those of the larger ones have an uneven and ragged necrotic appearance.
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it has been called, as already stated, dynamic, and is caused
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Past President, Georgia Medical Auxiliary, Savannah
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between 40 and 60 years, 25 ; over 60 years, 10. Born in the United States, 100 ; Ireland
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them to crack, keeping up the milk and middlings and increasing the feed as they
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of a diphtheritic membrane, or deposit upon its sur-
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alive, and ten dead. There were five cases of Csesarean
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"from his life new life shall spring in the hosts that
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and cream, &c. Toast and fresh butter is then given with caution,
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the nerve had not returned as yet. This was the usual order
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Esq. Section X. Diseases of the Ear, President, William B. Dalby, Esq.
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obstruction of the common duct. I saw, with Dr. Leber, a few days ago,