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there will be other indications. Loss of appetite may

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changes as they affect the many systems of the body. These are

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to deal with those actually sick. Still more, the entire absence of any

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Midddlemore, Dr. R., treatise on diseases of the eye. Review . 117

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explained by a functional disturbance of the right hemisphere. Schreiber has shown

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natsh., Berl., 1893, vii, 156.- Dall' Olio (V.) Fenocolla

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the bones. Beading of the ribs may occur. In some cases deformities of

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1898, 1 operated a second time, removing all the diseased tissue

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of the tendon-sheaths of the wrist (Quinquaud) and suppurative arthritis

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Odling, F.R.S., " On Mr. Graham's Recent Discoveries on the

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Orientator, otologic apparatus known as, used in laboratory work 262

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Kitasato, and others have isolated toxins which have a fever-

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around the aperture of the glottis, rather than to diphtheritic croup,

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porting of contagious diseases with appropriate blanks,

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vii, 363. — Weeks (.J. E.) Eeport of two cases of injury

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ting soft pads at suitable places between the splints. Efforts at

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often be observed in horses presenting all the appearances of