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the body producing the pressure was large enough, it might
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membranes? Do the pelvic — and now you're running 30
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the bowels should be kept at rest, and violent peristaltic movement as far
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cases where, owing to the depth of the sinus and the density of the tissues,
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R. C. McCorkhill, M.l)., West Farnham, Canada. 1 50
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bath, a half teaspoonful of fluid extract ergot, and the abdominal
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articular ends of the bones subsides ; the bones become firm, while
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Like erythema, herpes and pemphigus are diffuse eruptions
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obliged to perform every day a certain amount of manual
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met with on microscopical examination is degeneration of the neurons of
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(2.) A fibrilloid arrangement of the molecular or granular par-
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will find the power within. (Reach for the moon.... If you fall short you will
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which is honored in having him for its President. Mark the tall
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92 Emergency Hospital at the Pan-American. Herbert Shearer.
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The deposit was subjected to a careful microscopical examination. The points which
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and running back to the spine. These may be painted
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CoFEB, L. E., Assistant Surgeon. Granted leave of absence
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manner, viz : by longitudinal incisions. The soft parts were* then brought
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feet and legs up to the knees in water as hot as it
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by the simple congelation; an accident sufficiently severe in itself.
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fleshy growth of a greyisli red appearance. A probe
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of the bronchi, or breaking through of cavities of the lungs into the
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If the memory of those present can turn back to these
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had been instituted, but the evidence adduced was entirely negative. Dr. East-
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danger seems past, the child while at play may by reason of
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present meeting : Drs. G. W. Mittenberger, F. E. Cha-
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" finned " in the hand while taking a fish from his line. Beyond
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another patient who was begging for a similar operation,
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The report, as signed by Dr. Wyckoff, the Secretary,