with the pneumonia that appears during convalescence. Marked leuko-
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city. A great deal of good can be accomplished in this way, and I
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by symptoms of collapse, and, in addition, an excessive secretion of
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back, but these symptoms, when present, do not seriously inter-
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the typical cavities in the posterior columns and the central region, witli
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develop therefrom ; but that the mosquito may inoculate the healthy
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(probably about 10 per cent); but it is much more frequent than in
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published an exhaustive study of the above interesting
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The character of the tongue varies. In some cases this organ re-
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climate, improved habits of living, and measures calculated to build up
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Carrigan, of Arkansas, were referred to a committee
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do not check the disease. When this is the case operation must be resorted
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We have not room to give a particular account of what our
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uterus. The prognosis depends upon the cause. Treat-
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mediate toxaemia. After a long first period of labor, the head not engaging,
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which we now find so convenient. This jar is held in a holder
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The furrow in the bone was at first very deep, just like a
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is prevalent in .spring and autumn, and is probably due to the
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dressed with sol. argenti nit, ten grains to the ounce; no constitutional
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rarely approached and never exceeded in any other condition, and
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Dr. Rodman : The first specimen is a very small sac which was
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from other causes, these latter are generally single,
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tries and at different times, and also according to the station in life
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Diagnosis. In order to insure anything like satisfactory results
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ing the college and stopped to inquire how he was feeling.
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I,perators make a trial of it. He had assisted several
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Death of Dujardin-Beaumetz.— Dujardin-Beaumetz, of Paris, died at
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give us concern, for it is one that frequently means much to the pa-
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paper suggested. There was diminution in the size of
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A. To Salt Solution: The few reported investigations of the
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cases in which the patient cannot be got to swallow medicine, as now
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for a few moments only, be very gently applied, and very slowly.
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and a half inch long and a quarter of an inch wide.
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The hernia should be approached by an incision of the
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the number of observers who had found amoebte in the stools of healthy
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tensive acquaintance with the therapeutic effects of chlorinated
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with an interrupterless machine can be more exactly reproduced from
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body. Figure 1 illustrates better than words cau describe, what is meant.
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make the utility of blistering, in acute inflammations of the
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versity of Pennsylvania; Assistant Surgeon to the German Hospital, etc. The