D. The serum in the tube was too dry to permit of the growth of
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especially on the second day. The doses of the salt, which were
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compHcation of tracheotomized cases. It occurs from the second to
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more fully described than usual. In November 1861 Mr. Bloxam saw the
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in charge of the late Dr. Kammerer, with Dr. Robert Watts as his assistant.
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A few years ago all the journals belonging to a certain party in
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the halide acids, hydrochloric, hydrobromic, and especially hydriodic acid.
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given, although absorption often occurs after the first injec-
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of the lungs is combated most successfully with atropine
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obstinacy or tenacity of purpose, extreme vacillation, or utter listlessness
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receives Nervous Invalids who require a specialist's
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bellum, coating the latter with a thin layer of clot,
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local applications of ice, and washing the mouth with an
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to the interior of the larynx. Further, the general condition
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a skin disease very common in Ceylon and Southern India.
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with if we ever expect to build a substantial and re-
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When the gastric symptoms reach to any height, the rheumatic
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Angular Curvature. — This disease is produced by decay of the
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anesthetics, are taught to recognize and treat complications, observe the re-
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tion for Medical Care, the peer review organization for the
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server. The presence of chronic pharyngitis and rhinitis
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a variable distance from the vertebrae towards the axilla of the
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The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, The Royal College of
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operations, 48 having been successful and 70 unsuccessful.
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which I ordered her as nourishment. I determined to keep up the
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It is surrounded by fine arching fibres, and has a diameter of about 0.50
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the evils which hourly befall those who give a loose rein to the natural man. The