Accepting such a definition of tertns, we fear there are

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Aluminum hydroxide gel greatly reduces intestinal absorption of propranolol

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communication to discuss such disorders. There are certain symp-

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tion of the anatomical teacher in St. Bartholomew's

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growths. The central dense mass was the remains of the

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arm, and those of the thigh, while the muscles of the forearms, hands,

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its customers and many other people will be hurt. We

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(j) Tumors in or about the basal ganglia, if quite small, cannot be diag-

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rest a while. It had a peculiar insipid, sweetish taste and smell, with-

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congestion. The phenomena should be correctly interpreted; the liver

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part of the day playing on the floor, exposing first one and

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litic, or possibly aneurismal, there can be but one termination. Some

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beyond recovery. J^ut nothin;^ so fully pointed out the extent and

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the abscess is so deep seated that it can not be seen or felt,

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Surgery. Catechism Scries. Part 4. — Tumours, Diseases of Bones, Diseases

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The Library Committee beg leave to submit to the Society the following report:

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I told her that an operative procedure would be necessary for her relief,

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any exciting causes of disease which might be brought

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past. Local examination was almost out of the ques-

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ployed for illumination, on account of the inflammability

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6 Lohr, W. : Kreislaufstorungen im Gehirn, bedingt durch

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two-year period of 1983 to 1985 and found that the CDC’s

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improved. Potass, permang., 1-4000 was used with slightly

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oe directed not so much on the top of the head as on

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if physique and environment are good and if the applicant is in comfortable

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involves a constitutional morbid condition and a special causation,

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ticularly occur in the lower part of the large intestine, enemata of

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wound was granulating- kindly, and the pus was of a most favourable

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older view regarding the cerebellum, the projiosilion for-

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fiber structure predominating. Microphotographs, casts,

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neath extensor tendons formed one cavity, filled with coagulated

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merous fibres. Its odor is faint, its taste bitter and somewhat