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Nearly one-third, or, more exactly, 31.9 per csnt. of the ea.«es of Pneumonia termi-
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For this, various liniments are useful. Xone are better than
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as the latter is concerned, I should prefer wine to whiskey,
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red patch accompanied with some itching. Ordinary sycosis, on the
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cian at the State Farm, Castle Hayne, Wilmington, Del.,
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-3«»0 CI CI l"^ oo It CI -f T- CI C» I' CD t ^ X rt
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The inflammation in the throat sometimes extends through the Eustachian
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through the experimental stage of all new and efi'ective agents and
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matter, generally in the ducts or cavities of the hollow viscera. It, has
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1839, t. 2, p. 339 ; 1842, t. 1, p. 3G8.) The amount or degree to which the
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or peculiar putrefaction of the intestinal contents is only due to
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it was essential that we should know what we were doing. In
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Text-Book of Physiology. Edited by E. A. SCHAFER, LL.D., F.R.S., Professor of Phys-
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follow, and tlie huskv tone shading off' into complete apho-
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parts of the body where the elastic skin is stretched over round surfaces of bone,
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and as such is not to be committed without physiologic
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county society that he had studied according to the require-
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nent unbalancing of reason after grip. Yet I am sure such an
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colouring matter of (he blood is distinguished from colourless
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what dark. Noise and excitement should be prevented. The patient
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The office of the ovaries is to produce the ova, and hold
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under the anesthesia, but since the operation neither has known
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Soporific. See Cannabis Indica — Hyoscyamus — Lu-
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' Amtr. Jour. Med. Sci., October, 1909. • PraOOioiur, 1910, bondv, 653.
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reason and to justice, and strictly in accordance with
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The above is the usual dose with which Sir James com-
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passed through the market for export and home consumption :
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simplifying the test. Normal individuals show less than 10 mg. per
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secret, and sold so much as to make him a rich man. Thence the secret
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in convulsions, severe headache, or dyspnea. White and Wilcox* have shown
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2 cc of this solution for Van Slyke determination gave 1.04 cc. of N at T = 26°,