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kind and number of spittoons; the cleaning of cars en route and at
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passage of the tube, the retching which it occasionally
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the way of treatment are recommended and resorted to be-
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the median part of the aponeurosis uniting the flank muscles. Obviously,
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Mushroom Poisoning; Mycetismus. — The symptoms are due to
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were aged between seven and fourteen years. They were anjemic and
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the tincture of belladonna, or preferably a solution of atropia (atropiaB
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downwards, and the area of superficial cardiac dulness
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depends chiefly upon the degree of pressure within the vessels of the
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weeks of time, absolute rest, even though the child feels all right and
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unaccountably buoyant and jovial — he may even be ftiriously ni*ni»i<«l ;
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to sneeze. At 2.45, P.M., he repeated the same dose. Had dyspnoea
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Case 5. — A delicate girl, set. 20, had suffered from goitre for fifteen
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object of the study was " to determine the practical value of
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ond went on to term, and then followed five more which
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tion that the pus may have proceeded from tlie peritoneum into the
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contracture. The deviation of the features, then, changes sides, and
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quite conscious and free from pain nearly to the end.
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cranial tension, or from bilateral disease of the nuclei on the floor of the
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practitioner." This sentence contains more real material for a
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posing claim is that dopa has a finite usefulness and treatment
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is lasting and severe, the best remedy is Opium or Chloral. Dr.
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March 4, G, 11. On some Points connected with Bronchitis, and its
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a month on his orange grove there. He brought plenty of
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and public health program was conducted, and a commit-
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Philadelphia: F. A. Davis, 1889. Pp. ix, 3 to 393. [Price, $1.40.]
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" 109. The paraplegic and general states of palsy are often pre-
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constant hyperaemia of the gastro-intestinal mucous membrane. As a
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noid prominence marks the only available breathing space.
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132. Mr. P. A. K., set. 47, May 2, '99. Variety, spasmodic;
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their respective claims should be submitted to a meeting of
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this city. The only remarkable feature of the Medical con-