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in monkeys with cultures from the spleen and then recovering the organism from
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cations for treatment were to give the patient relief
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geal or post-pharyngeal abscess, or, according to Konig, J
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right arm and in both legs. He lay on the field twenty-four
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wounded at Fredericksburg, December 13, 1862, was admitted into Ham-
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cold. The inflammation is of a low grade of intensity, or erythematie.
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phthisis pulmonalis, so trifling as not to attract attention,
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the infected place. A number of fugitives fled to some
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people. Some stick in my craw with a bad taste; some I can
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a well-known practitioner of the South Side of Glasgow has
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discharge may be increased as the result of fatigue, of excesses, or of the
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on their Professional brethren as well as on themselves. It
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body, rather than his own individual and temporary interest.
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The physical examination in the milder cases, according to Biirk-
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the mother being affected with the same kind of deformity. A
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from the difference in the temperature and density of the inspired
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peculiar, since it was at right angles with the fore-arm ; in fact,
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without this drug, and the seven which terminated fatally were all acute.
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diabetes, pycemia, tuberculosis, carcinoma, c. Constitutional dis-
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papers relating to his intended plan for establishing a museum in London for the
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Inspector-General Mttrbay had been led by his observations
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can be recommended to all who are in need of such help
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The course of the illness is very indefinite, and may be protracted by
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vular lesion, the patient being affected with exophthalmic goitre. Hyper-
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easily, a bystander remarking that she did it very grace-
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the doctrine that the stiffness of the finger-joints is a result of extension
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little air-bubbles. These sounds are called crepitations. This pro-
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acid, but soluble in ammonia and hydrochloric acid.
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(3) Pulmonary abscess may also arise from perforation n£