treated on the first day of the disease, with 5 deaths, a mor-

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(17) When necessary a noncommissioned officer in charge of quarters will

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ease that are common to all cases, the diagnosis is comparatively

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same tendency to migration which is characteristic of the arthritis of true

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mucous membrane, which becomes covered by small, thin,

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ing foetal life; and becomes gradually closed after the establishment of re-

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phenomena, the essential part of the mechanism of the

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and for the first time, on the thirteenth day, the temperature reached

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1603. The attack of this disease is always insidious, and, in

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patient's features. 'J'hirty-nine of the 801 parturients died. But even in these

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the honors of the Old Bailey, of all the preparations of conium but the

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an effort of nature to get rid of a noxious material, he believed it to be

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attempts to administer remedies. The pulse was 65, the surface cool, the

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that Clot Bey's struggles against this same prejudice

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the mother being affected with the same kind of deformity. A

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ing, noon, and evening •, but afterwards increafed the quantity,

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for a reconsideration of such part of the minutes of a

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altered to adeno-fibro-myxoma arising in the nares and extending to the

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ment, owing to more accurate diagnosis and early opera-

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Wellmann, 2: 28-30), compared with Celsus' single mention (De medicina, I, 3. 25-26);

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ing its application in cases of club-foot, we may ven-

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aperients. If the bowels move naturally every day all that is advisable is

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manner, viz : by longitudinal incisions. The soft parts were* then brought

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can at least benefit so far by the experience of others

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Fig. 82, Lateral view of bxaln, ihowing prinolpa I ooDTOlnttou and

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had not been suspected before. He had in mind partic-

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surgeon ; that even the most expert must often make

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began to contract, so that the urine flowed in larger

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Moiiatschr. f. prakt. Balneol., Miiuobou, 1897, ili, 145-147

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oians, as well as lay-persons, to such an extent that they have been class-

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.ogical elements, viz., increased i)crist:dtic movements, increased transuda-

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In February, 1820, he had a hemorrhage from the lungs