any. length of time, and, according to my experience, it

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described in this article, the influence exerted by these factors must be

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cation from that body. There are three others about which

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misnomer. Dr. Warner believed that there was an in-

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tic's best weapons, so now do the allegations which I

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will, of course, be lessened ; the multiplication of the parasites will

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cytes varied from 12,000 to 18,000, and there was no increase in the lympho-

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patient, may so alter the mucous surfaces that these germs become

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pronounce an opinion very favorable to the identity of

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This last contribution of Prof. Flint to medical literature

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mopolitan. It is impossible, however, now that general practitioners are so uni-

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The ureteral orifices can be carefully examined and deviations from the

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surgeon. In all these cases sterility resulted, and in some much

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which there was a thick-set, papular eruption on the mu-

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lower rectum ; and in the case of women he shows how uterine

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mogastrics by titillation of the tracheal mucous membrane and

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Barnes; Dr. Prosser James; Dr. Corfield; Mr. W. Bathurst Wood-

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Treasurer of the Society: Dr. Trustee on the Executive Com-

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and the effect of the disease on the growth and nutrition of the limbs

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large number of cases in which extra-uterine foetuses

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or hiematuria, with renal casts. The spleen is invariably enlarged during

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good result. It has the advantage of taking the open

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tinues to be resorted to, daily, by the convalescent and quiet. * * * * It

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to result in thirty-six or forty-eight hours. In most cases I give

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cemeteries. This led to a Parliamentary investigation

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Diseases in General," sees. 1, 3.) The fact is, Sydenham was swayed

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and sultry ones ; and by its total disobedience, in many in-

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no dose should be given after a reaction until the temperature has

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secured. The dose is then cut down, and the final amount determined by

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for years without recurrences of the arthritic symptoms.

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October 13. Brighter today. Pulse, 92; temperature, 98.6°; systolic

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greatest number of admissions occurred in August (32), and next