1939. 'Barnshaw, Harold D., 526 Cooper St., Camden, N. J. (08102)
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The Country Doctor and Post-Graduate Study. — The
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to the spine, or directed the back to be rubbed with the unguen-
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sets, with cayenne pepper. Splints made of block-tin form a
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and chemic irritants from the abdominal cavity. Ligations
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pleasure in introducing to you Dr. 0. C. Bass, Professor of Experi-
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tendency and its correllated lesson. It is this fact which, to my
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Pressure, Amer. Jour. Med. Sci., 1814, Vol. cxlii, p. 614.
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In Auf^ust, 1911, he came under observation complaining of "indi-
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is sitting up, in the way already described ; when he is lying
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A Lecture on Cases qf Cerebral Hamorrhage, By J. Huoh-
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following wounds. Oompare^^ Bapljaia Bpbipf^o^ PyiKs^n*.
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from other causes, these latter are generally single,
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the author's clinic (The New York Electro-Therapeutic
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Primary Carcinoma of the Ovary. By J. Barris, F.R.C.S. .. ... ... 115
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of extension, and flexion limited by stiffness which has per-
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afflicted with the disease. And must we not take into account the moral and
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Price, K. A., Hickory, Univ. of Va., 1907 _ „ 1907 1909
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On inquiry as to the previous health, the patient stated that he was
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According to Bernheim, in those cases in which the diphtheria
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to have the benefit of his treatment. Professor Gersuny is
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head or seal of the ring engrave the letters J. C, thus:
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had been improving until within a few days, when she
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has taken and retained all the quinia ordered; is perspiring profusely;
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third day. This has been shown in the case of animals,
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believed to be a sac. There were about two and one half
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3. Viewpoints on Digestive Diseases, 1, No. 1, April, 1969.
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at from 1/10 to 1/2 an ohm, while roughly speaking a resist-
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sound that is heard in contracting muscle is a low composite note of
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Dear Sir: I appreciated very much your visit and listened to
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for an acute outburst, and the same result, it is to be
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material and numerous hairs. The calcification of its
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liaUe to morbid actions and conditions than the solid parts which in
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sure to manifest themselves later. In my own case the patient, though
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have extended to this expanded interpretation. However,