lesion, and diminished on the opposite side. Later the knee-jerk on the

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of the eyelids more conspicuous in some cases of discrete smallpox than in

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conclusions upon many months' use, and quite a series of cases.

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to resume his duties. I am sorry to say that the secondary

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the gravid uterus in the performance of ovariotomy, followed

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selves — and humanity, (upon which the rules of the

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passed even to tenderness, and surprised those who merely knew the

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4. In the normal condition, upon an average, three equivalents of 2 Mg 0,

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cent.), and the posterior cerebrals, or the vertebrals or

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specimen of endocervical cancer with distension of the uterine cavity

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So soon as the character of the affection is rendered probable by the

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prussic acid ; chloroform ; cold water dressings. For snake

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the visual, cognitive, and motor abilities integral to

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being that the House resolution called for a progress

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stitutions are discussed. Part III. is devoted to the

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amputation should be performed in a doubtful case —

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pulled off the whole apparatus once or twice, but was at length

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in reaction. There is moderate fever 102°-103°, with its

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inflammation that destroys the outlying epithelial cells. In all

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the student, practitioner, and health officer. The success of the

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semination of the tubercle has been observed after surgical interference.

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plained by paralysis of the muscular coat of the intestines by collateral

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young children they may be increased to sixty or seventy per minute.

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Solid phosphorus, given in as small a dose as 1| grain, acts

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could not forbear calling to ndnd that at Lyons as well as at

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have made it difficult to determine the true incidence

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tussis by pulling the lower jaw downward and forward in 96 cases. He

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creased. He thought that, in the case of multiparfe who had

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uses 1888-92. Ibid.. 1889, iii, 273: 1890, iv, 1G8; 177: 1893,

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feet first, from the top to the bottom of an empty bin in a grain elevator, a dis-

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yet in place. Only a more extended experience can decide.

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Pruritus Vulvae. See Salicylic Acid — Vulva, Pru-

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strikingly illustrated by the records of the disease, and

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the rtoorof that viscus covered with irregular growths

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a larger number of cells. We began to incubate the L.E. specimens at 37° for

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a Jew pedler, or a discharged VdLet de Chambre, if possessed of (what if

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that charcoal has been accidentally discovered to be

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with disastrous results. If the logs of ships sailing to Australia, America,

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appeared \n Langenbeck's Archiv for 1868. This paper gives a

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it ; is it to cut off all discussion except such as the Secretary