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printed Dr Miller's report on the malignant disease which pre-
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the iris will be increased, on account of the enlarged space
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scruple, compound gamboge pill 50 gr., tartarized antimony 2
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Midddlemore, Dr. R., treatise on diseases of the eye. Review . 117
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cranial softening. Rickets also predisposes to tetany, which affects most
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being vested with authority. The first thing to be decided in
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ing inspiration upon relaxation of its muscles, returns to its inspiratory
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ciple at work e.xactly opposite results may be obtained
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hypothesis was adopted by Liebig, Dumas, and Simon, and is now accepted
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gastric secretion, and yet do not sufficiently nourish the patient. Given
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result of the poisoning of the heart by toxins which have
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Case IX.— C. H., aged 44, has previously been in good
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"from his life new life shall spring in the hosts that
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approach of manhood, and at the age of about forty-five years. It is
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vice relating to legislation with the object of stamping
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results in all cases of localized supponation, often caused me to wish that
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(application of heat, exercise, use of self-care aids)
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* Read before the Louisville Medico-Chirurgieal Society, February 25, 1895. For discussion see page 264,
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does not in the least resemble a mild case of measles.
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conjectured that the ending, in these cases, was due more to an intrinsic
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of diabetes among them than among other individuals.
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tell you that germs will grow in the powder just as well as
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Children." Dr. R. F. Young, of Love's Mill, and Dr. P. B.
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Enemata, classification of. Laxative enema; nutrient enema;
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Humanistic Studies, Department of Community Medicine and Health