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a mass of entangling granules and degenerating leucocytes, and corpuscles
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Early in November, 1900, there suddenly developed a par-
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under Dr Moxon in the following April, and died some months later. At
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ntamination or not, carries with it great numbers of bacteria, and
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facility may have lacked in refinements to meet the various codes, they more than
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to support the stitch line. Figure (a) shows the separation of the
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any drug of a narcotic kind ; and if that can be done,
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chemical characters of the urine, and then proceeds to a careful study of its
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And we must always remember that this brain-trouble is very
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Besides the depdt company just alluded to for the supply of
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The face is thin ; he can open his mouth much more freely than
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ojiportunitj' of answering. The Editor does not pUnlge himself to reply to
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iui; lead-plaster, glycerine is produced, but, as it contains lead, it has
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swered that I thought that the injury did not cause
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consideration. The term sporadic serves to distinguish this firom another
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number of the stools, and small quantity of faecal matter passed,
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ment may be broken. I allude to the early part of the
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flabby. On attempting coition his ejaculation was pre-
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branches of the sympathetic going to the aorta, and on the nerves
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be obtained in scrapings made from the abscess wall, though sometimes
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the direct result of myelitis, 8 were the result of tuberculosis or amyloid
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therefore, we state what, in our opinion, he ought to have
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honor to the author of tracheotoni}-, what honor will he not deserve
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number of cases of pigmentary syphilide, which is recog-
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implications with the patient and family; if this is not
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residents of Montreal, The city gave a piece of land on
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total obstruction in a gentleman who had been treated homoeo-
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The present state of our knowledge, the result of the investigations
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son might issue, such changes as the more advanced knowledge of
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The necropsy showed that there was extensive softening of the spinal cord
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rather rare condition, so rare that until the illness of
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intense. The intensity may exceed that of the first paroxysm. But, in the
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February, 52 in March, and has since never been above
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mopolitan. It is impossible, however, now that general practitioners are so uni-
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when administered intravenously produce the same un-
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The section devoted to Physiological Chemistry provides on the lower floors large
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juries of — Neuralgia — Neurasthenia — Obstruc-
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over from blood broth with the first inoculum is shown in the following