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Developed in the early 1970s, this technique allows
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been due to the oil in which it has almost invariably been given. It is
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The lavatories contain every necessary accommodation for the
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ing the rise of the fever to io4°F. or even io5°F.
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debility ; the occasional causes of irritation being
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which was controlled by means of a simple water valve so that
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of other affections much greater than with the poor.
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ceeds that of sodium, quite the reverse of ordinary conditions. This
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affection of the posterior laryngeal wall, another of the
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water-supply for our large cities ; and in utilization of garbage
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") drops of Lugal's sal. Morphin, 8 mg. (k grain) was also
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reasonable cause to believe that a child brought to him
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applied to the head in the R. O. P. position and the latter drawn
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infection with bacteria capable of producing decomposition of
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ture, and in its clinical forms ; it is also susceptible of various
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men of science, and the most discriminating journals and
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radiating at times over the front of left chest and occasion-
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rated. In the chronic form of croupous bronchitis, there is usually a
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Woodrow WUson Fellowship to study philosophy at Oxford and
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that it is unneceflary to enlarge farther on that point at prefent.
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indurated nodular area which extends up into the left seminal vesicle. Soft rubber
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composed of a number of able and accomplished medical men,
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glands, is most frequently noticed after primary affec- 1
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this drug in causing absorption of an exudation. (See Pericarditis.)
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wrote out the following directions for her daily life: Sit out of
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a return of the fatty tissue to the same tissue from which
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sugar (loaf), and the tartaric acid. Tlie acid solution comes
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"exalted susceptiltility" (or descending lateral sclerosis) of the cord l>elo\v.
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hydrates. The quantity of urine, the body weight, and
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digitin inert. Gorz was able to obtain from the specimen of digita-
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and afterwards printed in a separate form, and circu-
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chairman thinks that it is sound economy for two nurses and
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