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ance. The limb assumes a semiflexed position, which is not only
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mitted to Parliament with the consent of the Charity Com-
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Joint Disease in Infants Due to Ophthalmia Neonatorum. —
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is furnished by the destruction of white blood-corpuscles, and, according
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Immunity to Enteric Fever.— Sters {Deutsche medicin.
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Glass WouTid of Palm of Hand. — Dr. H. ] number of the San Francisco Medical
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bulging of the palate, and it was not until the surgeon, Mr. Steward,
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(S'tote examination. — Austria, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Greece, Portugal,
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adhesion in consequence of inflammation from the last concep-
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tion. The hypertrophied condition of the left ventricle makes it
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charge of an}^ cadet who has already been under instruction. The
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mnscles of the tongue and eyeballs, and those which move the hands and
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SIRs for melanoma in the town of Fairfield, rectum and
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MuLLiNs, Thomas K., acting assistant surgeon, will proceed from
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spasm of paralysis: this is purelj' a "functional" condition, and UHually ixmn
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should be aroused to asserting its right to what properly