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    has begun to improve. There is also danger of septictemia after the abscesses

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    Wallace Yater's contributions. We are fortunate that

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    continue, at the time of subscribing, the journal will cease coming when time expires.

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    slowing of the circulation is compensated for by a more rapid flow

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    Thus, in practice, we are able to detect the disease in question only when

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    the first or second trimester is rarely transmitted to the new-

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    casionally without other symptoms, certain muscles, particularly those of

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    twenty thousand other obstetrical cases in consultation

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    Ground Med files: Chronological file, Training, 1943.

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    rays are converted into dark heat, which is absorbed, radiated, or conducted

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    Case 542. Age 31, male. Recovered 28 days. Severe headache, coma, constipation,

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    cut. It followed that two hemisections, completely separating

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    small intestine. The ordinary practice of taking up a loop of jejunum was

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    show how very unjust it would be to attribute the results following the

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