Plague ; the Indian, Pali Plague ; Mdhdmari ; Septic or Glandular Pes-
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154. — Ewiiig (A. E.) Metastatischer Krebs der Ader-
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la wide gap at the posterior commissure. The ventricular
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pher. A writer may want to create false impressions, but how
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wall shows some of fibrous tissue, but no other neoplasms are
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published in \}a^ Pacific Medical Journal, for September last,
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the placenta about two and one-half inches in diameter.
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largements of the bone about the joint. In addition
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operations, that is, operations in which one lobe alone,
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mation of the gastro-intestinal mucous membranes, and these
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sputum and bronchial secretions: a study of 150 consecutive
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beneficial effects of the naphtha treatment. These cases are six-
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the restriction of the child. You will note here that we have a
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to test its remedial power, in nine the histories afford no evidence of any
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medical colleges for the cultivation and advance of this science ?
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seen hemorrhage follow directly after using the douche. This, he thinks, was
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electrode into contact with the bleeding surface of the uterus. This was
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(S'tote examination. — Austria, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Greece, Portugal,
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(Seiler,) following the opinion of MM. Mayer and Weber, (who
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sutures in for six and nine months, and no trace of ulceration appeared. Mr.
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bier's Atlcts of Pathological Anatomy, In six out of eleven reported instances,
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plementation with potassium salts may be indicated.
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or otherwise diseased. The pus was evacuated, the ab-
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date than, so far as I am aware, has yet been done.
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that condition being almost identical with, and therefore an aggravation
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may need careful consideration before deciding for gall-stones
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