food to which they were reduced, in evidence of this disease
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when fully aroused may still be entirely conscious, but he soon lapses
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tinued, both in the neck and on the tail of each rat, to progress for about
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quality, fruit ripe and in season, and vegetables fresh ; and so on
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sooner the intervention the better the probability of good
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"the nervous centre shall not be very limited, for then its effect
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larger doses of strychnin than the normal organism. The new-
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also if the increase is considerable (20,000 to 25,000), but ephem-
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Bacillus cloacae, Jordan; ferments dextrose, saccharose, and
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ure when she discovers not only that she has had cancer,
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died six months after of " wasting " or consumption. The bill
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' Auer, J., and Meltzer, S. J., J. Pharmacol, and Exp. Therap., 1913-14, v, 521.
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pian." "Tubboes," "tubba," "crabs," "crappox," "crabes are
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wliich he had exliibited on admis.sion. These were regarded,
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Wellmann, 2: 28-30), compared with Celsus' single mention (De medicina, I, 3. 25-26);
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purulent particles are selected for making the cultures. The morn-
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with whom you have sex. Use of a spermicide containing at least 5% nonoxynol-9 with a reliable condom may
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Cold Applications in the Treatment of Continued Fever ,
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watery extract of aloes 12 gr., extract of chamomile 36 gr., oil
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began gradually to contract; in a fortnight it had closed; the man
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from the chemical reactions which they institute in the culture
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one way or the other, while still other cases have been
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Greenwood, Allen: Fundus Examinations in a British Base Hospital.
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pear, the lids can be more easily opened, the secretion
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form. The question may be of the gravest importance, if cerebro-spinal
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efficient cause for autumal fever, I am a full believer in its ex-
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prescribed only in the temples. Empedocles, of Agrigen-
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tlie fact that Constantin Paul succeeded for. a time in popularizing
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this book. In fact it would be a good idea for lawyers
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association with the interior of the joint itself, we may
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rapidly as it arises. In others, however, it lasts for months,
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rectum made out a projecting, very dense, hard lump,
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following members : Dr. Tyler Smith, (the President),