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is also usually preferred. This species is a perennial
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professor of mental and nervous diseases ; the Hon. H. R. Gib-
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than on the previous day; it was soft and dilatable; the head was
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Kellock (T. H.) two cases of abdominal injury with rupture
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wife of the Shah under their care have each received
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Rev. d'hyg . Par., 1880, viii, 721-729. Also, Ri print. .
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II. Entero-colitis, or Chronic Diarrhoea. With some Practical Observa-
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the mucous membrane of the viscus may pave the way for
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We have seen that sensation may be defined to be the consciousness
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As a rule, the pain of pleurisy is situated over the area where the
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uted to the depression of the cerebral functions or not cannot be de-
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delivery — the first period being very profuse and lasting six days ; the
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at once shew the ill elTects of h;emorrha_ire ; they become ra-
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<§f ihi^jiovfitll ;}H|<vaa3iai»':: .-autl ttiH- Ikott 4mirDBe <]£f iblfasimtiiim agnmiite
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proteids, carbohydrates and fats so far as liams neglected the subject of hydrotherapy,
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and rushed about the room, striking herself against objects with great
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age 0.00014 mg.). In other words, a much greater amount is necessary than is
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tion, may not the cause of death have been more logically ascribed to
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through th« membrane. At the apex of the lung is a
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of using some oil or pomade. These causes vary in im-
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" do^s whose only crime is that they happen to harbour lum-
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chemical substance creatin occurring in the muscular system; but the
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■the body, the acuteness of local pain, and the distinctness and compara-
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10. Common iliac artery (left). 17. Common iliac vein (right). 18. Middle sa-
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out in our fleas it is impossible to say, but it may be remarked that no
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plaining that the sight of the eye was totally gone. She stated that the eye
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mixed with 100 gm. seven-times boiled string beans. Next day
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and at once the restlessness cease, the temperature fall, the skin became moist,
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the author has satisfactorily carried out the very complete plan of the volume, and that it sup-
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