matory rheumatism extending over a period of twenty

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where the nerve is covered only by skin and fascia.

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car into the sac, grasping the organ below, between the

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The presence of hemiplegia, of monoplegia, or of aphasic symptoms

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in an inflamed state are extraordinarily painful. Per-

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admitted into the Seamen's Ho.spital on April 4?all sufferinir

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There is a curious fact with regard to family pecu-

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Second Stage. — With the large evacuations which announce the

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when it lias an urticarial base. The dimensions vary from those of a

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As regards their activities there are four distinct thermal points.

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that an acquaintance of hers, a member of a family of distinction,

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have been productive of great economic benefit to the island.

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wrong with his voice till he was gassed, in March, 1918, and since then he

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at their origin. I never heard of a case exactly like it. Sometimes

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This case did not owe its origin to direct infection, and the question

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uous drainage, to flushing the urinary tract from above 1>> the fre<

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discussion to bring- out whether there was any injury or blow, or

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very limitedly so. Arning* says: "To my mind the theory of heredi-

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that described in the last case, but here could only give lo to 15

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facts of this kind with the theory that the collapse of cholera re-

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arouse suspicions. After aspiration the fluid re-accu-

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often cracked and the epithelium is partially lost, so that the cutis is

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diphtheria 33 remained absolutely free from any annoy-

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of the recognized phenomena constantly presented to us,

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was felt above. The flow of blood was at this time very alarming.

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Batemaw.— On June J 5 , at S3, Oompton-terntce, Canonbury, the wife of

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dermat. et syph.. Par., 1899, 3. s,, x, 1084. Aho: Bull.

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time, the essence of manliness, retired hoop-skirts, boots, other

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relief. The general health should not be neglected.

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reception of the disease-germs. If the poison come in contact with an

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stances amidst which the observation must have been made. As soon as

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in regard to epizootics, 1880) the number of rabid dogs decreased

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lence and pestilential distempers. It is said to preserve from the

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trichina-poisoning is, to eat no pork that has not been prepared in a

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to be demonstrable. The fact that hemorrhage begins at varying

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what are we to attribute this increased degree ? whether to in-

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