squamation in the majority of cases. The disease may end in one

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parent. The patient begins to suffer from palpitation, irregularity -of

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cent., duringthe twenty-four days under notice. As Indian epi-

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cord ; but as his patient was forty-eight years of age, there was nothing

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at the present time the older theories of this disorder have been very generally

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ter number were "admitted" the year that I began my

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somewhat affected by one's getting a sense of the individu-

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or miscarriage than any other or all other causes; and that addressing

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profession in large measure to the acuteness of their

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surfaces of the trunk, and in a familiar way the author

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9 P.M., pulse good and strong; 9:07 p.m., cocaine gr.

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At the same time arrangements must be made in case of sickness

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phthisis. The drug proved a reliable anti-neuralgic remedy in twentj^-

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off dose above the roots, split into brushes, and fiEdl out, so as event-

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Constipation is best relieved by some of the natural or artificial

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Case IV. — Same patient as in Case III. Advancement ot

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lar development of tlie quartau parasite; Figs. 10-11, Eudoglobular tission forms ,

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tomy, but nevertheless had given it up, and had adopted a pro-

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to one of the old-established town's families, and a master workman

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greatest intensity of second sounds in third costal in-

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Chloral and Sulphuric Ether, viz : relaxation of the^muscles and profound sleep. In

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The patient was a woman f;»r advanced in pregnancy. She

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20 mg/kg were also associated with hepatic changes; however, these

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some contraction of hips, in a lad five years of age. No

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worthy of note that unilateral convulsions may be caused on the same

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Dr. Forchheimer, in closing, replied to inquiries that

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Women's Work. — An exchange states that according to

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age, at the forty-eighth year, when the functional activ-

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of five, and most fatal in children who have not yet reached