mass was put on a filter and allowed to drain thus separating the

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When we come to the question of the frequency of sar-

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demonstrated in 1907 the presence of a spiral organism, now identi-

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been tapped 100 times and upwards, but he thought that in a practical

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genuine typhoid fever in an abortive form. The infection

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cases had 16 deaths, or 11.7 per cent. Of the sixteen deaths

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and over this defect the compensating mechanism has almost

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all of the infections, especially those which give future immunity to

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trophy of the muscularis of the stomach, which, according to Lombard,

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the resulting scabs vary. Serum alone dries into thin yellowish or brown

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to race, sex and age, of the population under 20 years of age, as well

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in this animal. The sheep has two thyroid bodies, one on each side

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bantenzellen" of German authors) — small protoplasm-

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be small, or it may be from 1 to 2 or 3 pints (05-1.5 liters), or even more. In

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time he was seen at the dressing-station ; therefore, a simple dressing

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Origin; Operation; Death. — By George L. Riehanis.

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a majority, and they lie back and refuse to allow anything to be done.

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Anything put into the wound is a real damage to the

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ment the ulcerating surface looked clean, the granula-

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squinting, and various mental disorders ; and sometimes the fit is

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lated hernia had also been performed with success three

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Department of Health acknowledged the need to reassess the place

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Newstead, G., Esq., to be Assistant-Surgeon 3rd West Riding R.V.

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Lingual Artery, — Demarquay. On Ligature of the Lingual

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of complement fixation, obtained overlapping but apparently related results.

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for prolonged periods, to assure the escape of absorbed

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;he head slips beneath the clothes, and the child is then quietly suffocated.

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also learn that food affords some relief, so that most of them keep a

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The physical signs, as borne out by others, were very complex.

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embryonic in the protoplasm of the cells, be demon-

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in the choroid. All these occur in childhood ; all begin painlessly ;

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hospital appointments, more than intimates that unfair

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lic treasury, shall provide special hospitals always

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nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.

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regarded as the consequences of inebriety and irregularity;

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