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    the physiology of the brain and of mental action ; Longet and
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    The following table gives a comparison of these results with those ob-
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    This is a handy volume of a little over four hundred pages,
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    to piroplasm-like forms found in the spleen and lymphatic glands.
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    watery extract of aloes 12 gr., extract of chamomile 36 gr., oil
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    Pollock's " Medical Handbook of Life Assurance," 4th edition, 1895,
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    Pat Zeiner, RN, CIC; Director of Infection ControFEmployee
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    In support of this view he reports the following case :
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    who, on the mere hearing from the lips of an hysterical
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    scalp removed to within an inch of the left eyebrow and two inches from the
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    Dated May 25, 1918.— William L. Christie, M.D., F.R.C.S.