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pilation of the more essential facts relating to this all-important

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method as an aid to the accurate diagnosis of Pulmonary

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ventricle, which in consequence is longer in reaching the same

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When disease consists in perverted powers or functions it is

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wife had prevented intromission. Such verbal disputes were commonly

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bearing upon the enzymotic activities of the diplococcus to be de-

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junctival affections without having ever been methodically put to a severe test."

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Wilson, M.D,, H. G. Dunnell, M.D., ^, S. Ball, M.D,, New York; J.

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little oedema, not of feet only ; recurrence of vomiting, such as the patient

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to-daj, and find some hard and tender cords on the left side of

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ticularly occur in the lower part of the large intestine, enemata of

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Ulceration of the colon also occurs in rare cases of uraemia,

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Dr. C. A. S. Prosser, of Boise City, Idaho, treated one case

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students at the expense of the instructors. OEOROR C. SHATTUCK,

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have occupied much space. Several of the measures by it recommended, as

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sought hard work and applied himself to scientific re-

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Dr. Janewat remarked that patients with melancholia were

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existence of latent tubercles." — (Walshe.) In making this diagnosis,

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Jaundice is of frequent occurrence, but has been sufficiently discussed

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the New Jersey coast and has routed the small force

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the time of seizure, and the nature of the exciting cause." In

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tetanus. He took the spinal cord and brain of normal

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lady who for about two weeks had been ill with what

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J. H. Watteks, M. D., Professor of Physiology and Medical Jurisprudence.

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Loper, a lymphocytosis. In the secondary stage (with general lymphadenitis) both

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corresponding increase in the general symptoms and hastens the end. A

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Tongue moist ; pulse quiet ; childish in her manner — apparently

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an which one of the questions at issue was whether dysentery or poison was

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" Two years since had another spell, which seemed to be a du-

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Recent Deaths. — Dr. Stephen Wickes died on June 8th, at

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