Furthermore, in August, 1918, a second epidemic of pneumonia broke
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Moreover, sources of fallacy existed in this method of inquiry from the diffi-
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permitted us to determine the exact character of the occasional intermis-
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The OrlofF-Davidoff Prize. — A prize of 10,000 rubles
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NaCl. has been replaced by zy- KI solution, of which 1 cc. is
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When too much food is taken the excess is not digested but acts
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passage of the blood through a healthy and well ad-
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and atonic cases, it ought to be abstained from, or used rarely, as a
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sented itself to my observation under the form of — a, well defined
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people found themselves " stopped up " in cold, moist weather,
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Found by Theiler in the Transvaal, and by Martin in French Guinea, and
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indifferent to all the obligations and duties of life, ceases to have any
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ing the unfortunate woman's life, that of Caesarean sec-
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of the heart and lungs it is liable to occur from the obstruction of
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students who are not members of either University. The
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of operation made by another surgeon, with well-marked involvement of axillary
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dened and thickened, but not ulcerated. Arytenoids moder-
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standing of the normal formation of this gland is very important.
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bile deserves emphasis as demonstrating the highly purposeful differ-
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at 10.26 and 0.1 mg. at 10.36 a.m. At 10.43 a toxic effect occurred. At 11.55
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impossible, namely, the tendency of leaf preparations to produce in many
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conditions are sometimes met with in simple nephritis.
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in times of epidemics, in the hands of trained fumigators, phenol-cam-
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Alejandro Torres Puig, formerly president of the Spanish
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gical operation may be estimated from tables such as
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medicine commended it from the first to the progressive
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became rapidly worsr-, and passed into a state of co-
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is allotted an equal task and expected to accomplish it no matter what the condi-
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by one of the finished operators like Jacobs, S6gond, or Pryor,
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Gynecological Surgery, Johns Hopkins University. New York. McClure
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tagiosas eii Sevillade.sdt^ la reconqiii.sta cristiaua
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of experiments by Flourens, Rolando, Hertwig, and others, have shown
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rials in the blood, to be acted upon by the oxygen of respiration, we
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exposes the infant to no radiation and appears to be
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harmony between the two divisions of a spinal nerve.
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tion, but of " preternatural combustibility." Upon this a less excep-