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studies of variation are at preseiit being conducted on the lower or-
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gave up crutches, using instead two sticks. On the forty-second day he walked
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to me. It appeared after she had taken the X-ray treatment for three
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house have in the meantime got accommodation from one
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Here is the last book which has been published on the
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Average of 10 corresponding weeks, 1862-71, 2I74"0.
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2. An anaerobe to which no name need be attached at present,
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Excellent facilities, well-trained partners. Attrac-
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to undertake to force your way through a thing of that sort you have to
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notice that he liad difficulty in seeing to read and
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giddy at all times, and cannot walk as well at night as
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being taken into consideration. If the will be wholly over-
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ments. At last the prevalence of the disease created alarm, and the
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Although Boston was not fifty years ago the crowded city it now is,
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The Relations of Glycerine to Coccobacteria and to Septic Infection . 133
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of the skin is affected are peculiarly liable to suffer from ulceration of
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A considerable list of accessories might be given, all of which
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tization is due to a predominance in the latter siage of
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pose senna is most generally used, but the better way is
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scientilic student of mind, as it appears in health and disease. Published
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approved method of treating gonorrhoeal ophthalmia ; and amongst othet- cases
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rules can be laid down regarding the most desirable diet, as individual
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jifcuthii' more or less of the symptomatic phenomena may not be due to
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the anal. They possess in common the following characters : They are induced
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top with slices of hard-boiled egg, fillets of well-washed and
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found in women whose intestines are thin, the bowel commonly
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This was a very rare form of bone disease. Dr. "Wilson re-
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Fig. 82, Lateral view of bxaln, ihowing prinolpa I ooDTOlnttou and
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have performed extraction of the lens for this condition. One of the
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behind the presenting part; but, after half an hour of careful, gentle
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which we have been entrusted, be transferred to the custody of the
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The Chair: Dr. Prout appeals from the decision of the Chair.
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brought to the hospital. According to the account of his wife, he has experienced
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Operation performed by Dr. Hall. Patient etherized and