The first general meeting of library assistants was held in the rooms of

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we have made the most searching inquiries and employed

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The subsequent behavior of this group has a bearing on this question.

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such rest and recreation as are essential to physical growth and

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is heredity. Of the 73 cases which I have studied 39, or

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to undertake the purgatorial discipline. So, if any success is to be anti-

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easily, a bystander remarking that she did it very grace-

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admitted into the London Hospital, during each mouth of the years 1847,

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proves, the diet may be gradually improved. Give at first

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and anatomical investigation, to have the nephritis excited by the chemical

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slight infiltration of the upper lobe of the left lung remained the same as

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habit. The practice of inhaling the smoke so constantly, as is the habit of the

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of passing a strong needle obliquely through the bowel wall into the stone

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rendered, potentia agit in os occipitis, apply your instrument

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cinoma. Primary sarcoma is very rare. Most of the cases are secondary,

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obvious enlargement of the head, and clearly distinguished accumula-

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reactions, is completely inhibited by the antiferment. It becomes active

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the country boy with the ecstasy of delight. Not less en-

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Sir, — Should you discover anything, in the enclosed letter, which

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solution of sodium carbonate, and dialyzed to running and then to

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various opinions have been cherished by various writers.

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of acute cholecystitis, 48 of which had followed iyphoid fever, con-

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Autointoxication, in short, should and tract leads to serious symptoms, but

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den emotion, or some nervous impression, oT more frequently high

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creases very little, the intra-rectal pres-

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the materials of which each is composed. 2d. That inquiries

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capillaries of face and extremities which present a purple, mottled appearance. Great ptii

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The origin of this sclerotic form of valvular inflammation is therefore to

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this system in ninety-five Surgical cases, has been constantly

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ward. On admission, the fundus was four inches below the

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opening in the anterior part of the mass. The remainder of the horseshoe flap is

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tion seemed at fault. If it were correct, a patient ought

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Hernia, or rupture, is a protrusion of a portion of the abdominal

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ger. She was delivered uneventfully and recovered, the blood-pres^

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normal showed 68 per cent above and 18 per cent below the normal

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emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Further, asthmatic patients fre-

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of countenance, and was in all respects so much better, that we

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Dr. Frederick Peterson, of New York ; " The Analgesic